Nature brings happiness | Heart for Nature
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Nature brings happiness

What moments in your life made you the happiest?

Besides moments of love with family and friends, or for example personal milestones/successes, aren’t there things like:

  • watching a magical sunrise/sunset
  • being at a beautiful, special place in nature
  • walking a trail or hike in nature
  • climbing a mountain
  • enjoying a day at the beach
  • enjoying the warmth of the sun
  • swimming in clear water
  • listening to the powerful sound of a waterfall
  • being surrounded by the quietness of wild nature
  • being kissed by a butterfly
  • listening to the silence of nature
  • seeing a deer or a fox in the woods
  • feeling the wind blowing through your hair
  • watching stars or seeing a shooting star
  • enjoying delicious food
  • sitting around a campfire
  • go for a walk in the forest
  • seeing a field of wild flowers
  • seeing a whale or a dolphin
  • enjoying a splendid view
  • listening to the songs of birds
  • smelling the fragrance of beautiful flowers
  • feeling connected by being in nature

How many pleasures, joy and beauty has nature given you?
Do you give her your love, respect and gratitude in return?