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Heart for Nature
Heart for Nature

Imagine …

… all people would love and respect nature,

… everyone would understand that by taking care of nature we are taking care of ourselves,

… we value nature, and her wellbeing would be more important than the profits a company or country makes.

What would the world look like?

It’s time that we reconnect with nature, that we recognize we are part of her and that we need nature to live.

Air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat.
These are the primary needs for every human being.
They are even more important than needs as love, safety and having a home.
And they are all provided to us by Mother Earth.

Nature takes care of us but we also have to take care of nature.


In times like these in which biodiversity is under strain and more and more species are endangered, rewilding our gardens......

I think everyone knows a garden which mainly consists of pavement stones surrounded by a fence, maybe with some flowerpots......

YOU can make a difference