Dare to be wild - Heart for Nature
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Dare to be wild

In times like these in which biodiversity is under strain and more and more species are endangered, rewilding our gardens is a pretty easy way to make a difference and turn the tide. You can read more about it in my blogpost.

How important it is to rewild our gardens, is also beautifully shown by the movie ‘Dare to be wild’. A movie based on the true story of Mary Reynolds, garden designer, who dreamed of winning a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The movie raises awareness for nature, in particular for rewilding gardens, and it encourages us to live in harmony with nature. It involves a truth we can learn from, a message. It inspires and brings hope. And besides its importance regarding nature, it’s also a story about love, courage and fulfilling your dreams.

This movie touched my heart. It’s one of the most beautiful, inspiring and amazing movies I have ever seen and I highly recommend watching it.