Flow with nature - Heart for Nature
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flow with nature

Flow with nature

Have you ever watched a bird, flying in the sky, sailing on the wind and seen how it plays with it? How it cooperates with it?

Bend with the wind

I think cooperation with nature is key for us as humans as well. To follow the flow, the flow of the seasons as well as the weather. To bend with the wind, like a tree in a storm, and to say yes to whatever nature is giving us.  Whether it is rain, sun, fruits, coldness, flowers or a hurricane.

Moving with nature

Moving with nature instead of against her, means to me also loving her instead of struggling with her. It’s about living in harmony with nature, together, and giving her space instead of scaling her down.

A love for life

I believe this love for nature expands into having a love for life. Because nature is life. And as we learn to flow with nature, I think we also learn how to move with life. Seeing life, for example, as a flowing river learns us to accept circumstances as they are, even when they are hard and uncomfortable. Swimming against the stream will exhaust us and will bring us mostly pain and unpleasant feelings. Becoming aware of this, we have a choice to stop our struggle and to flow with life instead. Going with the tide, we might see that everything is changing and that life will take us to other places, bring us different circumstances and different feelings, new experiences, or new possibilities.

The river of life

When we flow with life, we stay connected with it. Connected with ourselves, with the river of life. We embrace life as it is, just like we can say yes to any kind of weather.

As we learn to flow with nature, nature teaches us to flow with life.