'We are nature.' What does it mean? - Heart for Nature
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‘We are nature.’ What does it mean?

It’s often said that ‘We are nature.’
But what does it mean?

We consist of nature

We can only be alive because of nature. All things we need to live are provided by nature: air, water, food. So we are feeding ourselves with nature. Also our body consists of elements found in nature; water, vitamins, minerals, etc. We consist of nature. We are nature.

Regarding food, think of goat milk. The milk is given by a goat. A goat which was eating grass, breathing in fresh air and drinking water. The grass has been fed by rain, soil and sunlight.
So when you drink goat milk, it came not only from the goat, but also from the sun, the rain, the air, the grass and the soil. It came from a whole chain of nature.

The life force within

Besides the fact that we are feeding ourselves with nature and need nature to be alive, I think there is another reason why we ‘are’ nature.
Every living being can only live by the life force within; the power that lets the heart beat and lets us breathe automatically. It is the same power that lets trees grow, flowers bloom and lets seeds develop into plants. It is the life force that connects all life.
You can see it if you look at nature, you can see it if you look a person or an animal into their eyes. You can feel it, as a feeling of oneness, love or peaceful presence.
Because of this life force we are not separated from nature; we are nature.

Nature is life, life is nature