Why loving yourself benefits nature - Heart for Nature
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Why loving yourself benefits nature

It might sound weird that loving yourself can benefit nature, but I think there is a strong relationship between self-love and caring for nature.

Love, health and nature

When you love yourself, you are taking good/better care of yourself. You learn to listen to your body, take time to rest, to eat or exercise when you feel a need to. You might become more aware of the choices you make and the choices you have, and you are probably taking better care of your health. For example by eating more healthy food.
Generally, healthy food is most natural; it’s fresh, raw and unprocessed. So nature benefits when you eat more healthy/natural food.

Maybe, taking better care of your health, implies that you travel more often by bike instead of by car. This way you are contributing to a better air quality, which also benefits nature.

Ripple effect

Loving yourself has a ripple effect on the world; by cultivating love and compassion for yourself, you are also cultivating love and compassion towards others. Even towards nature; the ripple effect also expands to the environment.

Nature becomes more important to you

Through eyes of love you see more beauty in the world. You become more grateful. Also for nature. Nature becomes more and more important to you, because you acknowledge how important and beautiful she is. Seeing how precious nature is, leads to taking better care of her.

When you fall in love with yourself, you will fall in love with others, with nature, with life.