About - Heart for Nature
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Heart for Nature

Hi, my name is Eline. Heart for Nature is a project that comes from my heart. I felt a desire to share my love for nature and to raise awareness, respect and gratitude for nature.

Because of nature we are alive.
Let’s honour her and take care of her like she is taking care of us: unconditionally and abundantly.

My love for nature

The day I fell in love with nature, was the day I saw the life in everything. A tree was no longer ‘just a tree’. I saw a living being, growing out of the Earth, being fed by the Earth, standing strongly rooted in the Earth, stretching its branches out to the Sky.
Leaves growing from its branches, were dancing in a soft and gentle breeze. The tree was so beautiful. It was as if I had never seen a tree like this one before. And it was true. I hadn’t. Not with these eyes. I had never looked at a tree seeing more than a tree. I’d never seen the life in it before, felt the life in it before, felt connected with it before.

Feeling connected with the tree, I knew that the life force in the tree was the same life force that resides within me. The life force that makes the leaves appear on the branches, is the same life force that lets my heart beat. It’s the creator of life. It’s life itself. It is in me, in you, in the living tree, in all living beings.

Feeling one with life, one with nature, made me feel happy and alive. Connected. With myself, with life, with everything and everyone. And I couldn’t see nature or life with other eyes anymore. Life became a magical flow in a magical ever changing world.

For me nature is very precious. It’s the place where I feel most connected with whom I truly am. It’s the place where I find insights, inspiration, silence. The place where I can rest and just BE.
In nature I’m coming home.

Being in nature brings me in a state of awe and wonder. Again and again I am touched by her beauty, her serenity, her loving presence and unexpected gifts. I also love to see and experience how life unfolds with the seasons, how every season has its own colours, wisdom and pleasures.

Connecting with nature, is connecting with myself.


On this website I will share information and blogs, written by myself, based on my own knowledge, insights and experiences (unless otherwise mentioned). It’s not the intention to be complete in any way, neither to ‘know it all’. I just spread and share my love for nature. Just feel inspired by what resonates with you.

May we all contribute to a world in which nature gets the love, respect and gratitude she deserves.