Finding your way in nature - Heart for Nature
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finding your way in nature

Finding your way in nature

Finding our way in life isn’t always easy. I think many of us can remember feeling stuck in a situation, having no idea how to get out of it. Or you know how it is to be at a crossroads, feeling insecure about which choice to make. Maybe you are longing for a more meaningful life, not having a clue about which direction to go. Or on the opposite, you do know exactly what you desire but you have no idea how to achieve it.

How do you know which way to go or which steps to take? Spending time in nature might be a good start.

Nature is objective

Nature is not telling us what to do or what not to do. She is non-judging, giving us a place to be. To be just as we are at a quiet, peaceful place. This can bring relief and can be deliberating, guiding us back to our true self, to the answers within.

Open to creative solutions

Being in nature quiets the mind. Thoughts are slowing down when listening to serene sounds of nature, like rippling water, singing birds or rustling leaves. Also, in nature our senses are calming down; the wind blows through your hair or you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You smell some fragrances, or just enjoy the beauty of nature around you.
When we feel relaxed and have a quiet mind, we become more open to receive inspiration, new ideas or creative solutions. This way some answers come to you, just by being in nature.

Walking in nature

Walking in nature could also bring insights about the path to follow in life. You might be surprised how reflective it can be and what we could learn from nature. It’s just a matter of paying attention to the environment and be open to signs. Whatever has meaning to you, has something to tell you.

Some examples

1. Having no idea about which direction to go, you wander through a forest. While exploring new roads, it becomes clearer to you which way to go in your life.

2. You are walking while feeling stuck. At some place, a fallen tree blocks the road, disabling you to move on. When seeing that you can easily get by it, you also find a way out of the situation in your life in which you feel stuck.

3. Coming at a crossroads in a forest, you have to decide which way to go.
You can use the crossroads as a mirror of the crossroads in your life and label the directions with the options you have in your life. Try the different directions. Which direction feels good to you?

4. Suppose ladybirds have a special meaning to you. During a walk a ladybird flies to you and rests for a while on your hand. You feel so touched by this coincidence that it gives you courage and trust to finally quit the job you don’t like. 

Nature is alive. She is life. And because nature lives, she can tell us a lot about life. All we have to do is listen and be open.