Why we should rewild our gardens - Heart for Nature
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why we should rewild our gardens

Why we should rewild our gardens

I think everyone knows a garden which mainly consists of pavement stones surrounded by a fence, maybe with some flowerpots in it or a patch of tightly cut grass. An outdoor space to sit privately, which requires less maintenance. Maybe your own garden looks like this. Or maybe it describes the garden of your neighbours.
Imagine what could happen if there would be more nature in gardens like these.

The benefits of rewilding our backyards

I think bringing some wild nature to our own yards can really make a difference. Think of benefits like these:

    • The habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other animals expands, resulting in a higher chance for them to survive.
    • Your neighbourhood regreens, making it a healthier place to live.
    • Wild nature contributes to an increase in biodiversity which is important for a healthy ecosystem.
    • More nature in our gardens has a positive effect on our climate; trees and bushes hold water and produce oxygen, for example.
    • You might discover the joy or the health benefits of gardening.

How to rewild your garden

To inspire you, here are 10 things you could do to rewild your garden:

      1. Replace pavement stones by grass, flower beds, or plants.
      2. Plant one or more trees.
      3. Plant shrubs, for example flowering ones or fruit shrubs if you like.
      4. Sow wildflowers or herbs.
      5. Make a pond. Even a little one can make a difference regarding biodiversity.
      6. Create your own vegetable garden.
      7. Cover your fence with climbing plants or replace the fence for example by a hedge.
      8. Keep some animals, like chickens or runner ducks if the size of your garden allows.
      9. If you have a lawn; transform it into a meadow by mowing it less frequently.
      10. Keep your garden organic by avoiding toxins, like insecticides and weed killers.

If you don’t have a garden…

Even when you don’t have a garden there are still things you can do to contribute to more
(wild) nature:

      • Regreen your balcony or roof terrace, if you have one, by adding some flowers, herbs, or plants.
      • Make an effort to rewild your city park or to regreen your street.
      • Inspire other people.
      • You might look for an allotment garden.

Dare to be wild – movie

How important it is to rewild our gardens, is beautifully shown by the movie ‘Dare to be wild’.
Read here more about it and why I highly recommend watching it.