We are nature, we are love | Heart for Nature
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we are love

We are nature, we are love

The sun is rising,
every day,
shining unconditionally,
for you,
for me.

Flowers magically appear,
in fields, in trees, in shrubs,
to colour the world,
to colour your life,
with beauty and fragrance,
with love and joy.

A soft and gentle breeze kisses your cheeks,
strokes your hair.

Birds are singing.

Trees are surrounding you with their presence,
welcome you to be with them,
just as you are.

Butterflies are dancing in the sky,
joyful and light.

Everything is connected,
as threads of a spider web
orchestrated together,
playing a divine symphony.

You are part of it.

Part of a lovely web,
part of nature,
part of love.

You are nature,
you are love.

We are nature,
we are love.