What we can learn from bees | Heart for Nature
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What we can learn from bees

Bees. As tiny as they are, as big is their importance in the world.
As pollinators of flowers bees are playing a major role in the food chain. Fruit like apples, strawberries, pears, apricots, raspberries, blackberries and cherries can grow thanks to the bees. Fruit which is not only an important food source for people, but also for example for birds.

It is possible to make a difference

By being so small but playing such a significant role, bees are an example to me that it is possible to make a difference. That everyone matters and that your behaviour has an influence, no matter who you are.

Honey instead of vinegar

Bees remind me of the beauty and sweetness of life. To choose honey instead of vinegar and see positive things rather than shortcomings. They are also a great role model regarding cooperating, working together as a harmonious team.

Beauty is in the little things

With their transparent wings, their hairy body and their perfectly shaped legs, bees are so beautiful. And have you ever listened to their buzzing sound?

Bees show us there is beauty in the little things.